Giving Thanks


What are you thankful for?   This Thursday, all over the US, people will be gathering with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving and even though it can be tough sometimes to have perspective when things are difficult, especially given the horrible acts that have been committed in this world in both the past & present, it is important to take a minute and reflect on the good things in our lives and what we are thankful for!

I’m very thankful for all of you who support the arts and to those who have supported my work!  It’s so important to me and has allowed me to follow my dream of being a full-time artist…every sale and commission, no matter how big or small, are equally as valuable and appreciated.  So, I’d like to share some of my Autumn photographs with you to say THANK YOU for your support and to wish everyone a HAPPY, HEALTHY THANKSGIVING!


HAPPY JULY 4th! & art news

HAPPY 4th of July!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer so far and all the outdoor activities that go along with it!  I’ve been busy preparing for new art gallery exhibits, outdoor art and music fests and creating new Steampunk jewelry creations as well as working on commissions and freelance design projects ….and enjoying summer in between all that.  Take a look at what’s happening this month:

GALLERY ARTISTS SHOWCASE group exhibition.  My “Morgana’s Murder” oil painting (below) is in this show!  July 7 – Sept. 30, 2014, Meet the artists reception Fri., July 11, 6:30pm-8pm.  THE GALLERY at  South Brunswick Municipal Building, 540 Route 522,  Monmouth Junction, NJ

Morgana's Murder, oils (c)Lauren Curtis

Morgana’s Murder, oils (c)Lauren Curtis

Environmental preservation is very important, especially in NJ where we have such a wide variety of terrain, so I’m very happy to have my photography selected to be included in up-coming publications and websites about the historic D&R Canal and the Raritan River!   One of the selected images, “Fungus Lace”,  is shown below.  Once the publications are out I’ll be posting the links in future newsletters so stay tuned!

D&R Canal (c)Nov2012 funguslace1

D&R Canal (c)Nov2012 funguslace1

Take care & enjoy the holiday weekend (for those in the US)!!

Art & Autism; Photos by Kenneth Teore

This blog was created not only to feature my work but to give other creatives a chance to share what they do, so when I was approached about featuring NJ artist Kenneth Teore  on my site, I could not refuse!   Here’s his story…

Anthem Institute Student Kenneth Teore’s Photography Exhibit

on Display at Monroe Township Public Library

for National Autism Awareness Month

Photos on exhibit now through April 30


NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. (April 19, 2013) – In honor of National Autism Awareness Month this April, the photographs of Monroe Township resident Kenneth Teore, a 22-year-old a student at Anthem Institute with Autism Spectrum Disorder, are on exhibit at the Monroe Township Public Library.

Despite his complex learning disabilities and high-functioning autism, Teore is excelling in the Graphic Design and Animation program at Anthem Institute’s North Brunswick campus. Teore is a gifted nature photographer and his education is helping him gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue his goals, which include working for National Geographic in film and photography. 

“Kenny sleeps, eats and drinks his program of studies,” said his mother Joananne Teore. “We are so grateful for Kenny’s incredible opportunity to attend Anthem, where not only does he have an excellent curriculum-based education, but also wonderful instructors who have enlightened him about reading social cues and enabled him to be successful by meeting his needs using assistive technology.”

Through his exhibit at the Monroe Township Public Library, Teore hopes to educate others about his experiences with autism, dyslexia and dysgraphia. The public is invited to view his display of more than 20 photographs beginning now through Tuesday, April 30. The library is located at 4 Municipal Plaza in Jamesburg.

“Kenny’s story is just one example of how we strive to work with each and every one of our students to help them succeed,” said Maria Veglia, Executive Director at Anthem Institute in North Brunswick. “We have full confidence that Kenny will successfully complete his program and look forward to helping him establish a fulfilling career.”

Anthem Institute’s Graphic Design and Animation diploma program gives students hands-on experience with Graphic Design Industry Standard applications. Students take courses in basic design, digital imaging and print, 3D modeling and 3D animation. They learn to use the same packages and tools as graphic design professionals, including 3D Studio Max and Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite and are introduced to standard markup/scripting languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS ActionScript and MySQL.

Taught by graphic design and web professionals, students can receive academic advising from professional education staff, which also arrange for tutoring services when needed and help organize study groups. Program graduates can compete for different kinds of entry-level positions in the graphic design field, including web designer or developer, flash animator, Photoshop specialist or multimedia designer or specialist.

Anthem Institute in North Brunswick is located at 651 US Route 1 South on the 1st floor. For more information about Anthem Education, please contact the campus locally at 855-331-7764

Kenneth Teore's Library Exhibit

Kenneth Teore’s Library Exhibit

Photo 1 Kenneth Teore Headshot

Photo 2 Library Exhibit

Brief: An exhibit of more than 20 nature photographs by Monroe Township resident Kenneth Teore, a 22-year-old a student at Anthem Institute with Autism Spectrum Disorder, are on display at the Monroe Township Public Library now through Tuesday, April 30 in honor of National Autism Awareness Month. The library is located at 4 Municipal Plaza in Jamesburg. Hours are Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 1 – 5 p.m. For more information, call 732-521-5000.


Spring has Sprung!!

Finally..Spring has arrived in NJ and it brought gorgeous weather…right in time for my Spring Equinox photo exhibit, on the equinox itself, 3/20, at Artisanal Tattoo Studio’s gallery ( The event was a big success and I sold 6 photos at the opening reception…great way to start the new season and inspire new work! (I’ve posted a few images exhibited at the show below).

So, for all you creative people out there…how does Spring inspire you? Do you start Spring Cleaning both in your home and studios? (I REALLY need to get that going!) Do you get a sudden burst of new ideas to work on? And this goes for all types of art; visual, writing, music, theater, etc.

I do find that with the nicer weather and increased light that I do feel more active and energized to create and work on new ideas…I just need a boost for the cleaning part, LOL. Another thing that starts increasing is the exhibit opportunities and art/craft fests, so that also forces me into work mode so I have new art & items to sell/show at these events…especially at events I do annually so I don’t keep showing up with the same ol’ stuff!

So, if you have comments, idea, tips for starting fresh in the new season and new ways to get the creative juices flowing, feel free to post your comments here & share them with the blogosphere!
🙂 ~Lauren