Spring has Sprung!!

Finally..Spring has arrived in NJ and it brought gorgeous weather…right in time for my Spring Equinox photo exhibit, on the equinox itself, 3/20, at Artisanal Tattoo Studio’s gallery (http://www.artisanaltattoo.com). The event was a big success and I sold 6 photos at the opening reception…great way to start the new season and inspire new work! (I’ve posted a few images exhibited at the show below).

So, for all you creative people out there…how does Spring inspire you? Do you start Spring Cleaning both in your home and studios? (I REALLY need to get that going!) Do you get a sudden burst of new ideas to work on? And this goes for all types of art; visual, writing, music, theater, etc.

I do find that with the nicer weather and increased light that I do feel more active and energized to create and work on new ideas…I just need a boost for the cleaning part, LOL. Another thing that starts increasing is the exhibit opportunities and art/craft fests, so that also forces me into work mode so I have new art & items to sell/show at these events…especially at events I do annually so I don’t keep showing up with the same ol’ stuff!

So, if you have comments, idea, tips for starting fresh in the new season and new ways to get the creative juices flowing, feel free to post your comments here & share them with the blogosphere!
🙂 ~Lauren