NJ Isn’t Boring, Ireland Art Exhibition & more

Ireland; Blarney Castle (c)Lauren Curtis

Spring is almost upon us, even though the NJ weather doesn’t always agree, but wherever you are I hope you’ll take a minute to read about these exciting art events and if you are in the area, please visit these exhibitions & enjoy the art of spring!

Carnival, NJ June2011

Carnival, NJ June2011

New Jersey Isn’t Boring!
Group Show at Arts Guild New Jersey
1670 Irving St.,  Rahway, NJ
Opening reception Sun. March 22, 1pm-4pm. 

See what makes NJ so unique and definitely NOT boring!  Artwork of all types from many local artists. Show runs thru April 16, 2015.
I have two digital photos  in this show.

Ireland; Blarney Castle (c)Lauren Curtis

Ireland; Blarney Castle (c)Lauren Curtis

Savor the Arts; Ireland Exhibition, Group Exhibit, Middlletown Arts Center
36 Church St., Middletown, NJ

Opening Reception, Fri. March 20, 7pm-9pm.
Join this artistic celebration of Irish culture!  Show runs thru April 18, 2015
I have the above photo in this exhibit.

Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Group art exhibition at Nails in the Wall Gallery, St. Luke’s Church, 17 Oak Ave., Metuchen NJ.  I have 2 paintings in this current exhibit that will be up until May 31, 2015.  Visit this eclectic, spiritual gallery to view work from local, national and international artists!

"Necropolis", digital photo collage (c)Lauren Curtis

“Necropolis”, digital photo collage (c)Lauren Curtis

Spirit of the Human Family
Group Exhibition at the Linda Grandis Blatt Gallery, Temple B’nai Or, 60 Overlook Rd., Morristown, NJ.  Spiritual and artistic views on the meaning of family, this show runs thru April 10, 2015.  I have 3 pieces in this exhibition.

Art for Revelation/Revolution

Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Gallery spaces these days have expanded far beyond the typical white-walled, NYC (or insert big city here) space…and this is a great thing as it opens up so many more opportunities for artists to show their work and for it to be seen by a wider range of people!  One of these newer spaces that I really enjoy exhibiting my work in is Nails in the Wall Gallery, located within the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Metuchen, NJ.

This Saturday, 1/24, from 2pm-5pm, the newest exhibition opens up with a fascinating reception featuring in-depth talks with some of the artists about their work and how it relates to the current theme of “Revelation/Revolution” and how this applies to all forms of “organized religion”.  I’ll have the 2 pieces in this blog in the show along with works from other artists from across the US!  If you’re in the area, please join us…here’s more info. supplied by the gallery:

Nails in the Wall, the Metuchen art gallery sponsored by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (17 Oak Ave. / Metuchen),

will begin its 2015 Season Saturday, January 24, 2-5pm, with REVELATION / REVOLUTION. 

This exhibit will include work from nearly twenty artists both from around the U.S.

as well as outside the country, with art that focuses on the power of God’s Word.  


Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Reminisce (c)2013, watercolor and collage

Local photographer David Glasofer will speak at the Opening,

along with Teaneck sculptor Anthony Santella,

Ontario, Canada artist Shakil Kahn and Sara Paige Hoag from Urbana, IL. 


Join us for this free event with high quality art and refreshments provided by the Metuchen Inn!


Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis

Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis, oil painting with decoupage

The exhibit, which includes painting, photography, mixed-media and free standing sculpture,

runs from January 24 through May 31, 2015. 

The gallery is open daily. Times and other details can be found at www.nailsinthewall.com

or by contacting the Gallery Director, 732.322.6512 / EarthsongsCeramicStudio@gmail.com

Renee Phillips & the Healing Power of Art

Hello Creatives!
Have I got a treat for you today!  My guest blogger is “artrepreneur” & founder/director of Manhattan Arts International at http://www.ManhattanArts.com,  Renee Phillips!

Now here’s a woman who is pro-active in her own career as well as tremendously helping others with their career goals.   A big focus for Renee is the healing power of art, which I think we can all take inspiration from, so I’ve asked her to describe her project in her own words…
Professionally, I’ve been devoted to the subject of Art and Healing, and Positive Change through Art, for at least 14 years. In my book Success NOW! For Artists, A Motivational Guide for The Artrepreneur, published in 1999, I have a section devoted to the Healing Power of Art.
All my life I have been a reader of Emerson, Thoreau, Jung, Peale, and others, and a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and the correlation between our thoughts and our reality.
As an artist, writer, and a career coach, I have always created from a place of pure love and joy.
Perhaps what triggered the original Celebrate The Healing Power of ART exhibitions was my desire to counterbalance a lot of the negative, angst-ridden art that I noticed was dominating the NYC art scene at the time. I felt a strong need to promote artists whose work emanated positive energy.
I believe in the “law of attraction” and as a career coach most of my clients have shared the same philosophy. I have become more focused on helping artists who have something positive to bring to the world. I have many written articles about artists who survived illness, grief, loss through their art and are helping others through the power of artistic self-expression.
When my mother was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease I saw firsthand how art helped her cope. She was unable to communicate verbally so we “spoke” through drawing and coloring together.
The Celebrate The Healing Power of ART exhibitions serve as a platform to bring our strong beliefs and truths about the power of art to heal, not only the creator of the art but viewers as well. And, the wondrous magic of it all is every artist has a unique way of expressing the message in many different styles and mediums.
And, that’s why I feel very strongly about bringing positive healing art to a global audience through Celebrate The Healing Power of ART exhibitions. In recent years I added the word “Celebrate” because the word injects bliss and hope.
One of my greatest pleasures is being on the jurying panel and viewing the art submissions! I feel that I connect to the artist and their heart and soul through the work they create.
All the best,
Here’s some samples of winning artwork from Renee’s Healing Power of Art contests:
Orion (Meaningful Life)
Benny H.V. Andersson (Bridge over Infinity)
Carolyn Abrams (Contemplating)
Winning Healing Art

Winning Healing Art

reneeart1 reneeart2

Here’s where you can see what Renee’s up to:
Manhattan Arts International
Join Renee
Twitter reneephillipsny
Facebook ReneePhillipsArtCoach

My Sound of Art DVD on TV!

My friend & UK musician, Mark Sheppard, & I created a music/art DVD/CD last year and it’s been getting rave reviews! Now it’s being featured on an episode of the art/spirituality TV show out of California, Bridging Heaven & Earth!
To see the episode (#243), here’s the link & info:

TWO Magical New Bridging Shows with Panache Desai and John Sherman Now Available Worldwide 24/7



Great news….our two new Bridging Shows # 245 and # 243 with world-renowned spiritual teachers, Panache Desai and John Sherman, along with the amazing videos of Lauren Curtis, Mark Sheppard, Shawn Galloway, Nina Goncharova, and Lessia and the magical art manifestations of Greg McGrath, Irene Bendykowski, Shirl Lee, and Daniel Holeman, are now up and available worldwide……

We think they’re just magnificent and joyous……….
it’s all very, very exciting……
For any additional information, contact us at info@HeavenToEarth.com or call 805-687-2053, or go to the “Bridging” websites at: http://www.HeavenToEarth.com and http://www.HeavenToEarthArt.com . The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit, educational, tax-exempt, organization.

If you have any thoughts, dreams, feelings, and/or visions that you’d like to share with us, or any ways you’d like to collaborate with us, please contact us at any time.

We Love You and are extremely grateful for all your help, inspiration, and support.

dedicated to the Oneness

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