Holiday Wishes & Art News

WISHING ALL a very HAPPY, HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON!! Hoping you spend time with good friends & family enjoying life together!!

Please support local artists and crafters this year by buying hand-made, creative & very affordable gifts!  PAZ on Main St. in Highland Park, NJ is hosting it’s annual Winter Art Bazaar!  I have many small pieces available that make perfect gifts!  Stop by now thru Dec. 23.  Info. on flyer below…

PAZ WinterShowFlyer2014

PAZ WinterShowFlyer2014

It’s also time for my ANNUAL HOLIDAY ART SALE!!  I’m offering 20% off all purchases of ORIGINAL PAINTINGS & PHOTOGRAPHS!

Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis

Omen (c)2011 Lauren Curtis, oil painting with decoupage

Please visit  to see a wide variety of my work. Prices starting at just $50 (before discount!) for 8×10 matted, signed photos. Mixed media & oil paintings available. Inexpensive repro. prints too (not on sale, but starting at only $25)!  Feel free to contact me for more information! Sale on originals now thru Dec. 20, 2014.  PAYPAL accepted to me at

Other exciting art news!
I’ll have an article about being true to your craft & personal path coming out soon in WILD SISTER MAGAZINE!  Check my websites for details after 12/15!

New Jewelry by Lauren

New Jewelry by Lauren

JEWELRY SALE!  I’m offering 10% OFF all sales of $25+ of my original Steampunk/Gothic style necklaces & bracelets!  All 1-of-a-kind designs!  Visit 
to see some pics or email me for more info.  Prices range from just $15 – $30!  Custom orders welcome!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Yule, Happy New Year!!!

New Season, New Artwork

HAPPY SUMMER!  It’s official and it’s HOT!  But with the long days it’s given me more time and energy to create new art and commissioned pieces.  How about you other artists out there?  Do you get more energized in the summer or do you relax into the lazy days by the beach?  Nothing wrong with a little of both!  But, being a full time artist, the bills don’t stop coming so I’m always looking for more work and so far, June has been awesome & very busy!

So, I thought I’d share some of the latest projects I’ve been working on…

First off is this historical pen & ink with watercolor painting of the ship Bon Homme Richard commissioned by the head of a computer tech company…

Ship, BonHommeRichard (c)June2014

Ship, Bon Homme Richard (c)June2014

The other thing I’ve been working on a lot is creating new Gothic and Steampunk style jewelry…I make one of a kind necklaces and bracelets and have been selling them online and at many arts events and clubs.  The pieces range in price from $15-$30 and I’ll never make the exact same piece twice!  Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in these cool jewels!

Steampunk & Gothic Necklaces 2014

Steampunk & Gothic Necklaces 2014



Last but definitely not least, I have some very exciting news!  Some of you read about this on my facebook pages but I’ve been  “made into” a featured cartoon on 6/7/2014 in RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!  So my crazy long nails and my art are paying off!  And thanks to this 15 minutes of fame, the art sales have increased!  So now that I’ve been on TV, radio and Ripley’s I have another publicity goal in mind that I’m working on but I don’t want to say anything…or jinx it…in case it doesn’t pan out but if it does, you’ll be the first to know!  Here’s me in cartoon form:

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Have a fun summer & I look forward to your comments and posts!  🙂

New Stuff to See

For all of you out there who are self-employed, especially in an artistic career,  you know how much work it is to, well, find work!  Sometimes the actual search for freelance jobs becomes a full time job in itself but when things click and clients start rolling in it’s the best feeling!  You get to create and do what you love while earning a living!  I fully admit to often stressing out between clients, feeling like the next project may never come along, but then someone responds to my application or inquiry with a “yes, I want to hire you for this book, magazine, logo, painting, illustration….” and it’s such a rush!

The last few months,  I’m very happy to say,  have been filled with freelance illustration & design work for clients across the US & abroad, and I wanted to share some of my favorite projects with you.  I’ve also been creating new one-of-a-kind Steampunk/Gothic jewelry as I vend at many events and this is the busiest time of the vending season.  The work below is my specialty…hand drawn pen & ink work, sometimes with watercolors,  as well as some pictures of the new jewelry (ranges from $15-$30 each).  Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions about this work and I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for looking!

Wolf Pup, pen & ink, watercolors (c)May2014

Wolf Pup, pen & ink, watercolors; client: NJ author, (c)May2014

Ruins, pen & ink; client: London playwright, (c)May2014

Ruins, pen & ink; client: London playwright, (c)May2014

Farmhouse, pen & ink; client: Hawaiian author, (c)March 2014

Farmhouse, pen & ink; client: Hawaiian author, (c)March 2014

Jewelry  May2014

Jewelry May2014

Jewelry  May2014

Jewelry May2014

Want unique, affordable gift ideas?


Are you tired of fighting the crowds just to buy gifts that anyone can get anywhere?  Sick of clipping coupons or waiting for a sale?  Want to give unique, affordable gifts that are original and locally/US made?  Then why not support the arts by giving artwork and hand made items this year?  Your gift will stand out & be creative!  And it won’t break the bank or have you swearing at traffic and mall mobs!
You can find many inexpensive art gifts at these two New Jersey Holiday Art Events (& I’ll have artwork there too!):


Runs thru 12/24/13, Main St. Center,

212 Raritan Ave., Highland Park, NJ

Winterberries (c)Lauren Curtis

Winterberries (c)Lauren Curtis


George Street Playhouse, Livingston Ave.,
New Brunswick, NJ

Fri., 12/13/13, 5pm-9:30pm  FREE Event!  Local arts &
hand made items!
Wintersnow 1 (c)Lauren Curtis

Wintersnow 1 (c)Lauren Curtis

And I’m having my own CYBER MONTH Holiday Sale!  From now thru 12/20/13,

20% OFF

all of my original painting, photographs & digital photo collage prints!

Also available at prices ranging from $3 – $35!!  My art

T-shirts, greeting cards & 1-of-a-kind jewelry!!  To see
more, visit the websites below or email me for sample pics!
Steampunk Jewelry by Lauren

Steampunk Jewelry by Lauren


PAYPAL accepted to me at
Checks/$orders to: Lauren Curtis, P.O. Box 193, Franklin Park, NJ  08823
for inquiries, email me at
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery!!

🙂 Lauren  (NEW fine art site!)  (my Blog) Fine Art Page) & fine art) (cards, T-shirts, photography, illustration)


Steamy Summer Jewelry!

Happy Summer, Everyone!  I don’t know what the temps are like by you but here on the East Coast of the US it’s hot & steamy…speaking of steamy, vending season is upon me so I’ve been busy creating new Steampunk/gothic jewelry…one-of-a-kind necklaces & bracelets featuring copper & brass toned chain, key, wings, birdcage and other Steampunk charms, pearl, glass & metal beads…some very cool stuff!  Attached are a few photos…so far the pearl memory wire choker & long chain with wings & birdcage are SOLD so get the rest while their steamy!!  Prices are very reasonable for hand made jewelry; $15-$30 each +s/h!  Can’t beat that with a stick!  Paypal accepted to me at  You can email me there or message me here for more info.

Enjoy your Summer!  🙂

1-of-a-Kind Steampunk Jewelry by Lauren Curtis

1-of-a-Kind Steampunk Jewelry by Lauren Curtis