All Aboard! Steampunk Landing is taking off!

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, Everyone!  This time of year we join with family & friends to celebrate the changing seasons and give thanks for the positive things in our lives.  Well, one thing I’m thankful for is being able to be a part of a community of like-minded, creative people and to further build this community, my friend & client, Elmo Adams (aka The Old Goat) & I have launched our new multifaceted, unique project,  STEAMPUNK LANDING!!

Now, the Steampunk scene has been around for a while but just recently has really started to take off and the reason I love it is because it combines so many things into a unique sub-culture; Victorian era, sci-fi/fantasy, meets goth meets anachronism meets art….it combines a love and longing for times gone by with a sense of curiosity with what the future holds!  So, we created Steampunk Landing which is not only a Facebook fan pg.   (become a fan here:)

but also a FREE e-newsletter  (to sign up, click on the chimp icon on the upper left side of the fan pg. listed above) and a beautiful, old-fashioned, printed, glossy, hard-copy quarterly GAZETTE!  To subscribe, go here:

We’ll be featuring all things Steampunk, including artists, designers, costume-play, jewelry, crafters, writers, musicians and much more…and we’re always looking for people to feature in our publications so if you’re interested feel free to contact us via our fan page or you can reply/comment to this blog post!  We want to build a community and network with like-minded, creative folks so come on board and sail the zeppelin with us to The Landing!  See you there!

~The Goddess of The Landing


New art at the end of summer…

Can you believe it’s September already??? I can’t…time goes by so quickly and I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye to summer yet, although obviously I have no choice. But I do LOVE autumn; especially Halloween, although to me it’s a bit early when I see Halloween decor in the stores by early August! Detracts from the mystery and excitement of the season!

Anyway, I’ve been making the most of my summer leisure time and continuing to create new pieces for my 2 new mixed-media photo collage series X-Rayted and Curio-cities. These darker images definitely fit in with that autumn, All Hallows mood!

As you might already know, the 1st series utilizes photos I shoot from actual x-rays juxtaposed with other photographs and Victorian woodcuts. The 2nd series is similar but I’m utilizing images of natural found objects and Victorian photos and woodcuts to create alternative yet antique or ancient “cities” and “inhabitants” from times past…and maybe from another place!

I wanted to share with you my 4 newest pieces and hope you enjoy them. Feel free to contact me with any questions about the work or to order signed prints.

Enjoy the end of summer…