Escaping Sandy! Super-storm super sucked!

Damn it, Sandy!  Why’d ya do it?  You blew in here at 90 miles an hour and destroyed the Jersey Shore (I know, many say it was payback for the crappy “reality” TV show of the same name that does NOT represent the bulk of Jersey-ites, but still…), ruined Halloween, left millions powerless (some still are!) and generally “F’d” NJ and several other East Coast states!

I’m just glad I visited Sandy Hook in late Sept. and shot some photos as now it is devastated!

We’ve never experienced a storm like this around here and for those global warming nay-sayers, this should finally start convincing you but either way, Super Storm Sandy wreaked havoc on New Jersey!  So, now that my power is restored it’s time to get back to work!  While I was sitting in the dark, eating all the food in the freezer and listening to the news on my car radio,  my art features were being prepared by clients in other states/countries so now I can share them with you since I’m back on line.

First off, my new monthly feature on the World of Nails online magazine is up!  My post this month further discusses Sandy’s effects on NJ as well as this year’s Halloween garb I was able to sport the weekend prior!  Take a look:

And here’s my spotlight feature on an art freelancer website, Thumbtack:

Since Sandy ruined Halloween this year, here’s what my lawn DID look like before I had to take it all down to avoid my cemetery from being blown away!  At least I had the full regalia out for 2 weeks…

Pre-Sandy Halloween decor

Pre-Sandy Halloween decor

So now, a week after the hurricane, the Mad Max-like gas lines are starting to diminish and 2/3 have power back…store shelves will hopefully re-stock soon but it’ll be ages until the destruction will be repaired so I want to send out thoughts of support and love to all those effected by Sandy…may we never be visited by that angry bitch again!