Old School, Strong Women in Art

Happy (almost) Spring!  Here on the East Coast it’s finally warming up, it’s lighter later & people are feeling more energized to get out and do things & this is true in the art community too!  So join me and other “Old School & Strong Women” artists at these exciting new art exhibits in Central & North New Jersey…

Old School, Transformations Gallery in The Old Franklin Schoolhouse, 491 Middlesex Ave. (Rt.27 N.), Metuchen, NJ.  Opening reception Sat. March 15, 7pm-9pm. 


Old School Show, March 2014

Old School Show, March 2014

Strong Women,
Group Exhibit, Ahavas Shalom Gallery, 145 Broadway, Newark, NJ,
Opening Reception, Wed. March 19, 6pm-8pm.

STRONG WOMEN show March 2014

STRONG WOMEN show March 2014

Art repros. & artist info on display at Lundbeck Research Corp. Gallery, Paramus, NJ, March, 2014.  (Private showing for Lundbeck Corporation.)

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Facebook Frustrations

Hey facebook users, have you become frustrated with this social network site?  Have you recently noticed a significant drop in your reach numbers of your fan pages and are you seeing less and less of your many of your friend’s posts on the home page feed except for those people whose posts you constantly “like”, share or comment on and other friends seem to have disappeared?  Well, you’re not alone and no, you’re not hallucinating or getting dropped by all your friends (well, maybe some people are but I don’t want to assume that about anyone! 😉  )  This is actually happening thanks to facebook changing algorithms to basically try to force you into buying ad space and boosts to posts if you want the bulk of your friends and fans to be able to see what you’re up to even though they’ve voluntarily “liked” your pages and are following you!

Now to many this might be no big deal but to people like myself who are freelance artists, small businesses and other people who rely on what facedbook initially promised with their services, this is a huge problem!  I know, I know, facebook is free and a private company that can do as they will but they’re also uber-super-duper rich due to all the good folks like us who made facebook what it is today and they’re now going against the initial foundations and promises of what the site was to stand for!  Seems greed is kicking in full force and as usual the new plans and formats seem to cater to bigger businesses and squelch those of us on limited budgets trying to utilize facebook to it’s fullest…and after all, anyone who uses it and links it to other sites, is giving back free promotion in exchange!

Therapy 3 (c)Lauren Curtis

Therapy 3 (c)Lauren Curtis

I first noticed a sudden, major drop in the reach of my art page (link below) posts a couple of months ago…I have over 1500 fans and close to 4,000 friends and was averaging  about 350+ views per fan page post and around 30-60+ “likes” and more comments per profile page post.  Suddenly those numbers seemed to be cut in half even though I was posting more than ever and following all the SEO and marketing rules I could find about interesting content and getting people involved in the best way possible.  I didn’t know what was going on until a friend of mine sent me a link to an article (below) describing the exact same scenario another person was having who has a lot more followers and fans than I do…yet she still saw a huge drop in her post response!  I know that my numbers aren’t huge in the grand scheme of social networking but relatively speaking I’m no slouch, and I work my butt off to not only promote my art but post interesting images and content, and support other people’s pages/groups as well!  Yet, I cannot afford to pay, nor will not, to expand the reach of my pots to people I worked hard to network with and who want to follow my posts yet are being blocked by the very network they’re on!  Yes, facebook is a great service but it’s the people on it that make it a success!

So, now I’m going to cave in and finally join Twitter!  Nothing against Twitter but I’m already on so many different sites I had to draw the line somewhere, but after doing some research the consensus seems to be that Twitter is starting to give facebook a run for their money as far as being a better place for people like me to promote and share our work.  And now that you can post images on Twitter (initially you couldn’t so as an artist that didn’t appeal to me), it has even more appeal for me.   And with services like HootSuite where you can post to multiple sites at once, here I come Twitter!

But don’t take it from me…I posted the link to the article I read so you can judge for yourself and I’d love to hear any comments, feedback and information you have out there in the bloggosphere…please post your comments here and let me know about what you’re experiences are with these sites and if you’re going through the same thing or not…we can all learn more about this ever-changing world wide web!


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New Guest Blog: Laara WilliamSen on Art & Social Media

Hi All,
Once again, I’m happy to introduce you to a great artist I met on LinkedIn, Laara WilliamSen. Here’s her guest blog (& look for mine on her blog site soon!)… http://’laarawilliamsen.wordpress.com


I have really enjoyed being a part of The Twitter Art & Social Media Group Exhibition at the Diane Farris Gallery in Vancouver, B.C. What has become clear to me from participating in the exhibition is that there are two strands of artists using the internet. The first group of artists are using content from the internet to actually create their art. The second group of artists are working from their studios and making use of the internet’s social media to further their careers I am distinctly in the second category having been active in the studio as a painter for over thirty years. Only recently have I acquired enough computer “smarts” to use the internet’s social media!

Now, having become very active on the internet, I just love it. Because of my Linked in connection, the blogs that I write and my web page I am happy to tell you that throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, China, Ireland, Spain, Italy, South Africa and across the U.S.A., I have connections to Galleries, C.E.O’s, Foundations, Artists and Artist Groups.
I enjoy touring the MOMA on line and seeing exhibitions that I otherwise wouldn’t see! Some of the online groups that I belong to include; Emily Carr University of Art and Design Alumni, Art Professionals Worldwide, Fine Art Network, Art Collecting Network, Art Marketing, Scientist Artist Collarborations.

The internet gives me both a personal sense of where I fit into the contemporary art world and expands my knowledge of what is imminent. Because I am more informed, my art reflects this. I am currently creating oil paintings by re-inventing some of the Hubblecraft photographs of the universe. Next month and in June, I will be exhibiting in group exhibitions in Naples, Italy, Germany, London, UK and New York, USA. I particularly enjoy the amazing friendships that I am forming with artists from all around the world!

Laara WilliamSen
International Professional Painter
Vancouver, B.C. CANADA