To Fest or not to Fest; an artist’s dilemma

Happy Summer (for those of you in my hemisphere…otherwise, happy winter)!  Despite the bizarre weather patterns across the globe, summer is in full force in good ol’ New Jersey and we’ve been getting plenty of hot, steamy, sunny days..but we haven’t been free of rain and when does it seem to hit most??  Well, when I have an outdoor art fest to do, of course!

Now there’s nothing quite like going through the stress and strain of setting up a professional looking both at an art event only to feel those annoying drops of rain begin to fall RIGHT AFTER everything’s ready to go!!  Then it’s “QUICK!  GET THE TARP….PROTECT THE ART!!!”  Don’t get me wrong; I really enjoy doing art fests of all sorts.  They’re an excellent way to sell and get exposure for your work, to network with other artists and potential new clients and collectors, and it’s extremely satisfying to win an award!  (I’m happy to say I won a cash award in the last three juried art fests I’ve done over the last year!  YAY!).  But many people don’t realize the hard work it is to do an art fest, especially outside when you’re constantly worried about the weather…and not just rain…but wind, heat, cold, humidity…it’s a rare and lucky occasion when you stumble upon that perfect day!  And of course, the weather (& weather predictions) dictate the crowd that’ll show up for the event.

But, as a full time artist, I highly recommend giving art fests a try…especially local ones as it’s a great way to get your work seen by your community.  It also builds your mailing list and your resume and can lead not only to sales but to other exhibit opportunities as well!

So, I guess it’s not as much of a dilemma after all…except when you’re watching the news and the weather person says those dreaded words; “Looks like thunderstorms will hit the area by 11am tomorrow…” which is, of course, the time when your event is due to begin!  But, they can be wrong and you can still take the chance and come out on top…although it doesn’t hurt to pray to the weather gods to be on your side that day!

See you at the fest…check  & this blog  for updates on my upcoming art events.

Take care,


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P.S. I have no idea why the photo of me & my award shows up sideways…file is saved right-side’s a computer mystery!

NJ Art Fests…let the vending begin!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer & keeping cool! There’s a lot going on in NJ art-wise, and here’s some FREE events I’m participating in:

WAMPP (WineArtMusicPoetryProject)- Straube, August 21st, 2010
10 AM- 8 PM (Raindate- Aug 22nd; I’ll be here 8/21 (around noon) if we’re lucky with the weather.)

1 Straube Center Blvd, Pennington, NJ 08534

Bring lawn chairs & blankets to sprawl out on the beautiful historical grounds of Straube Center while listening to local musicians, poets, roaming performers, children’s entertainer, view visual art, taste wine, and more.

The two ends of the property are big enough for a small ‘south east’ grassy knoll staged area for poetry and music, a larger parking lot area on the west end for a music stage (faces strip mall with casual and finer dining eateries). Between these two staged areas will be the ‘Vendor Alley’ full of visual artists, roaming performers- magician, face painting, balloon entertainer, etc, and other exciting activities.
Please visit the Franklin Township Library to see the winners from the Clothesline Juried Art Show! I have a photo in this show. Exhibition runs until the end of August at the library off of DeMott Lane in Somerset, NJ.

Hope to see you soon…feel free to email me with any questions about these events or to order/commission artwork!
🙂 Lauren