Honoring an Artist’s Wild Spirit

It’s so important that artists & creatives support each other!  Although my long-time friend, Australian artist Lina Eve, & I are literally across the globe from each other we have stayed in touch and supported each other’s work.  Aside from being an amazing painter, Lina is a talented film maker and writer and is now trying to fund a YouTube project that honors a true artist’s wild spirit, Vali Myers (1930-2003).  Lina introduced me to the inspiring and bold work of this way-too-overlooked, unique soul years ago and now she wants to share Vali’s artistic legacy with the world, so please read on about this fascinating project and visit the link for more info and to find out how you can help make Lina’s dream a reality!
Lina Eve:  for my talented and lovely friend, Lauren Curtis
1999: Whilst browsing one of my favorite 2nd hand bookshops, I chanced upon Vali’s beautiful book of paintings and writing titled , “Vali Myers”.  A day or so after this rare and fabulous find, I heard Vali being interviewed on ABC Radio National.  Her unique Aussie accent, her raw and earthy take on life, combined with the amazing artwork in her book, had me toasting her talent and fierce honesty.
Vali and I eventually met in her studio in Melbourne some months later.
We had only exchanged a few letters and chatted on the phone, 
but when we met there was instant rapport. She introduced me to the Turkish spirit Raki, and we got pretty legless on it.  At least I did.  Vali would have been able to drink most people under the table! Spending glorious afternoons with Vali, filling our glasses and talking about everything under the sun became my ritual every time I traveled to Melbourne from then on. “
(Lina, left…Vali, right)
“Vali died in 2003 and although she had a loyal following of fans, her work is largely unknown around the world. Vali’s work is highly personal, and therefore, like other amazing women artists, was not picked up by the media for the truly unique art it is.  Now I’m  trying to raise funds towards a YouTube tribute video about Vali  …..a beautiful friend, who created a whole world of powerful and magical art.”
                                                            “Moby Dick” (c)Vali Myers
Wikipedia:    “Vali Myers (2 August 1930 – 12 February 2003) 
was an Australian visionary artist, dancer, bohemian and muse whose coverage by the media was mostly in the decades of the 1950s and 1960s in Europe and the United States.”
I’m now collecting permission from the photographers  of my favourite portraits of her, and already have permission ( from the Vali Myers Trust) to use all her images for the video
If you can help with a donation, that would be wonderful and if you could also please pass on my Go fund me link, it would be very, very much appreciated!
  “Vali Myers : Wild Spirit”

Art rocks on YouTube & in NJ

This month has been crazy!  And June is building up to be the same way.   This is outdoor festival season, especially in New Jersey!  Once the weather begins to warm up everyone is itching to get outdoors, and arts & music events are the way to go offering a wide variety of entertainment from local talent!  But this doesn’t mean the gallery exhibits stop!  Quite the opposite as many towns offer ART NIGHTS OUT  where many venues all keep their doors open late, usually on a Friday or Saturday night, for people to mill around and experience creativity in many locations at once.  I enjoy being a part of these types of events and here are just a few going on right now or coming up this weekend.  Oh, and a good friend of mine continues to merge music and art and has created a YouTube art video of my work so please check it out (below)…it’s only 3 minutes so won’t take a lot of your time.  Feel free to post feedback too!


My SOLO ART SHOW at RUTHIE’S CAFE on 70 Raritan Ave. in Highland Park, NJ has been extended until mid may so if you’re in the area, strop by to view the work and have a tasty, home made meal!  Pieces are selling so see it while you can!

Amsterdam Night 1 35mm photo

Amsterdam Night 1 35mm photo

Art, live bands, vendors, alternative crafts, vintage cars, booze & food all come together at the annual ROCK-A-BILLY ROADSHOW at Roxy & Dukes Club in Dunellen, NJ!!  This is one rockin’ event you don’t want to miss!  An all day affair with lots to offer and I’ll be vending so stop by & say hello!



And here’s how art rocks on YouTube:


Thanks to my talented friend for creating this unique video montage of me, my work and some friends!  Hope you’ll check it out!  Stay tuned because I’ll be doing 3-4 art exhibits in NJ in June, both gallery shows and public outdoor art fests…more to come about that next time!



MayDay! Art on YouTube, in NJ & more…



"Infinite Layers" art exhibit at Alfa Art Gallery


Join me for the opening reception of this month-long group art show at Alfa Art Gallery,
Thurs. May, 2, 2013, 7pm-10pm,
108 Church St., New Brunswick, NJ.  732-296-6720 
I’ll have several digital photo collages in this exciting exhibit!
"RAYS" traveling NJ art exhibit


A traveling, educational art exhibit focusing on both the helpful and harmful effects of the sun!  This show will be at various locations throughout Somerset and Morris Counties in NJ, April 15 thru June 1, 2013.  For further info.,  email Lucille Y-Talbot of the Regional Chronic Disease Coalition at YTalbot@co.somerset.nj.us or visit www.NancyEdwardsArt.com  or www.xactstudios.com  I have a sunset photo in this exhibit.

Artpromotivate YouTube video

Thanks to Graham Matthews of ARTPROMOTIVATE website/blog
for including me in his new art YouTube video!
Check it out…only a few minutes long
but packed with great art! 

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