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Hello again, dear bloggers…it’s time for another special guest feature and this time it’s my good friend, and amazing author, Vila SpiderHawk.  Aside from her wonderful, spiritually empowering novels, she’s also a fantastic vegetarian cook and has written several cookbooks.  I’ve been working with her for a while now, designing the covers for her books, and have gotten to know her very well.  Vila does everything from the heart and soul so I thought it’d be interesting to learn about what drives her to lead the vegetarian lifestyle.  So, in her own words…take it away Vila!

People often ask me why I live a vegetarian lifestyle.  And the short answer is the Wiccan Rede: An it harm none, do as you will.

I honestly try to live by that, the only rule in the Craft.  And since I am part of the “none” that I try not to harm, I start with myself and work my way outward.  Therefore, I eschew animal products and all the dietary cholesterol and fat associated with them as well as the hormones and antibiotics injected into farm animals.  Instead I eat a plant-based diet and make a genuine effort to go with organically grown produce.  And, yes, it is possible to consume enough protein that way.  All vegetables contain protein, and vegetable protein is actually easier to absorb than the protein in animal products.

Working my way outward into the world, my refusal to eat animal products insures that I do no harm to the animals either.  I have seen the way animals are raised for food.  It’s a short and very cruel life for them.  They live in conditions that are guaranteed to cause disease, which is why they’re loaded with antibiotics.  Overcrowded and often improperly fed, pumped full of hormones so they’ll fatten up more quickly, these animals go through their entire lives without seeing the sun, without smelling fresh air, often without being able to move.  And then they are slaughtered.  I want no part of that process.

Moving out a bit more into the world, and we talk about the environment: the land and the air and the water.  Eating low on the food chain, as all vegetarians do, is a small step toward saving the planet.  We don’t have to overfish the waterways to satisfy a vegetarian’s needs.  There’s no need to plant fields of grain to feed cattle so that eventually the muscles of those animals can provide protein for vegetarians.  Vegetarians get our protein from the grain itself.  That by definition puts less land under cultivation and allows more of it to be as nature intended.  There’s no need to pump chickens up with cancer-inducing hormones for vegetarians.  Furthermore, if we go for organic produce, there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers to foul the air, the earth, or the water. 

While I recognize that vegetarians do harm;  Every tomato we eat is dead, having been plucked from its life-giving vine.  But I have to eat something.  Remember, I am also part of the “none” that I am not to harm.  Therefore, I eat everything with reverence and gratitude, asking permission of the fruit before harvesting it and then praying over it before I consume it.  I don’t know who originally wrote this blessing, but I like it. 

We bless the beings that gave their lives for this food.

We bless the hands that brought this food to our table.

We transmute any harm to our highest destiny.


We bless this food.

We bless this food.

We bless this food.


We bless us.

We bless us.

We bless us.


Go into the light.

Go into the light.

Go into the light.

 But there is more than practicality to my spiritual reasons for being a vegetarian.  There is also the pleasure of beauty and good taste. Vegetarian food is a riot of brilliant colors–reds, oranges, yellows, and greens–each hue bearing witness to an outrageous supply of antioxidants.  And, believe me, there is nothing bland about vegetarian food.  Even carnivores love my cooking.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check out my books, Home for Dinner Cookbook and Feasting from the Garden.  Here’s where you can order them:

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 Vegetarian Cookbook by Vila SpiderHawkVegetarian Cookbook by Vila SpiderHawk